Dealing Representatives

We are always looking for talent to add to our salesforce


At Cranson Capital Securities, we are able to select, structure and package deals that allow Advisors to match their investor’s needs and help them build wealth by investing in the private market.

Strong Compliance Culture

We have a strong compliance culture to ensure we are always in good standing with the Securities Commission.

Due Diligence

We perform our own due diligence. We have a strong analysis team that does significant underwriting, research, business presentations and financial analysis.

Creative Structuring

We work closely with the Issuer to structure deals that Investors will find compelling. We prepare all offering documents with the Issuer and ensure Investors have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Operation Team Support

Our dealing representatives are able to focus on their clients as we have a very strong operations team which includes: Compliance, Administration, Marketing and Training.

Why Work With Us?

We act as investment banking agents for companies that display the ability to earn equity-type returns for investors. All of our issuers must have a strong management team, a defensible competitive advantage, a sizable market opportunity and a defined exit strategy.

Investing In Private Placements

Private placements are uncorrelated to the public markets and offer better portfolio diversification

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Types Of Investments

We focus on three types of investments: real estate, high growth businesses and financial services.

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Current and Upcoming Offerings

Our investments offer diversification while generating above average returns and tax efficiency.

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